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Nóra Blascsók



the poet

Nóra Blascsók is a Hungarian poet based in Manchester. Her most recent poems can be found in bath magg, Acumen and Atrium. Her debut pamphlet, <body> of work </body>, will be published by Broken Sleep Books in June 2022.

the poems

Draw Myself

00:00 / 01:17

                                           from behind

                                           body of a baby

                                           owl sleeping

                                           arms limp

                                           the small

                                           of my back


                                           turn over


                                           hips like

                                           grandmother said

                                           we bled for

                                           the original sin

                                           brackets around

                                           sentence drenched

                                           it’s fake


                                           pen over


                                           line wider and wider

                                           leave a gap for

                                           the imagination

                                           the pause

                                           before you go


                                           can’t look

                                           roast potatoes

                                           would be nice later

                                           draw big


                                           remind myself

                                           my breasts

                                           have an underside

                                           a lump

                                           in my throat

                                           as I check for

                                           hated them touched

                                           now I don’t


                                           my skin fade

                                           colour my teeth

                                           into lips

                                           draw curtain

                                           for hiding

                                           off the page



                                           make me

                                           in the image

                                           of Goddess

                                           of Woman

                                           or something

                                           that passes

The Truth About Swans

A found poem using text from a website with facts about swans,

as well as questions suggested by Google's autofill.

00:00 / 00:48

            Can swans fly?

            The only sound is the wings beating.

            Do swans mate for life?

            The male is known as cob and the female as pen.

            Are swans protected?

            It has been known for swans to die of a broken heart.

            Are swans aggressive?

            Cygnets are grey with black beaks when they hatch.

            Do swans kill?

            A cygnet weighs a block of butter.

            Are swans territorial?

            A gosling floating.


00:00 / 00:37

                                           Standing still

                                           Misplaced reed

                                           Calm summer day

                                           Strange new

                                           God on spindly legs

                                           The congregation

                                           In state of trance

                                           Thrash around

                                           Speaking in tongues

                                           Prostrate with beaks

                                           Bowed in submission

                                           Silent sermon

                                           The flock in awe


                                           The heron’s wings

                                           Envelop the pond

                                           The gulls

                                           Briefly silent



Publishing credits

Draw Myself: Dust Magazine (Issue 5)

The Truth About Swans: Dreich Magazine (Season 2, Issue 2)

Salvation: Exclusive first publication by iamb


S h a r e

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