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Charlotte Knight



the poet

British-Ukrainian poet Charlotte Knight is a 2021 New Poets Prize winner, and was commended in the UK National Poetry Competition in 2019. Her work has featured variously in Magma, SPAM, Lighthouse Journal, Perverse and elsewhere. Charlotte is studying for a Masters at Goldsmiths College. Her pamphlet, Ways of Healing, will be published by Smith|Doorstop in June 2022.

the poems

[Insert Sappho Reference]

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            pour wine over this white goat

            or like hunt me for sport   oh baby

            love a long fusillade of mistakes

            burning holes in my new purple furs

            love a frenetic chasing why do i have

            four legs    or love a fecund horn sounding

            and me and my pheromones    so very

            tangible    you can smell them

            in the cheese   like the things you awoke

            in me    your head a bunch of violets

            my lap a goat’s lap can i collect this

            as a sadness can i carry this hurt

            in a basket specifically woven

            for the occasion   can i be exiled

            is there an island for heartbroken

            goats why am i bleating when i say

            [insert sappho reference] i mean i get it

            we have all loved somebody

            with the knowledge that they won’t

            love us back i mean i don’t get it

            i am a goat    why am i crying

Hell is Real

00:00 / 01:02

      Travelling southbound on Interstate 71, motorists pass a sign which reads

      HELL IS REAL. It stands in a plowed field and serves as a reminder to all

      God-fearing farmhands that they must indeed fear God. I am not so easily

      influenced, I could never be a farmhand for the Lord. In fact, I frequently

      shoplift and have thoughts about holding hands with you in public spaces.

      The HELL IS REAL sign is one of many roadside prophecies erected in the

      midwest. Amongst others, there is Jesus Saves, Jesus save My Soul, I Need u Jesus.

      I do not believe in Jesus, but I do believe in believing. And though I could

      never be a farmhand for the Lord, I have to love Him. Look at all the signs

      He gave us.

Singing Before I Drown
in a River in Denmark

00:00 / 01:03

                              mermaid-like and incapable

                              of my own distress i collect

                                         flora from the riverbank

                                                    looting a natural ecosystem

                                         hoping to one day be framed

                                                                                         in gold

                                                    i carry my losses with me

                                         every flower a symbol

                                                    how foxgloves are death

                                         how cattails          innocence

                              how pansies are love

                                                                           in vain

                              how you       you held me

                                         always obscured

                              in dark corners

                                                      like with nature

                                         how easy to say

                                                     we are separated

                                         tall grass


                                         no waves

                                                     no waves

                              a tributary husband

                                         we were subject

                                         to bursting banks

                                                     breaking boughs


                                                      mad with grief

                                         singing for you

                                                      till my muddy death

                              how easy to say gone

Publishing credits

[Insert Sappho Reference]: runner-up in the

  Outspoken Prize for Poetry (Page category)

Hell is Real: Ink Sweat & Tears

Singing Before I Drown in a River in Denmark:

  Neutral Spaces (Issue 2)


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