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Jemelia Moseley



the poet

Jemelia Moseley is a primary school teacher, poet and spoken word artist from London. Her poem United was published in The Fly On The Wall Magazine in September 2020, while her poems Black, Dying to bloom and Visions of possibilities were published in The Melbourne Culture Centre. Jemelia recently appeared on Numar 17 Radio in the US alongside fellow Alien Buddha Press poets and artists. Her chapbook Love, Joy, Tears, Beers and Poetry is out now.

the poems

Travelling in Mind

00:00 / 01:16

              My body wants to get on a plane and travel far away

              I want to get away from this life of pain but my mind is thinking

              all these thoughts in vain

              because I’m stuck

              I can’t even really get on a train if it’s not for work or an emergency

              but I really do need to rest my mind with urgency

              as my thoughts are hurting me, potentially taking control of me

              My body is yearning to be free

              free from masks and free from COVID

              free from restrictions

              free from daily predictions

              I’m yearning for vitamin D

              yearning to be by the sea

              my mind and body is just yearning to travel and yearning to be free

              Imagery of palm trees, the cool breeze

              COVID on freeze

              in the pool up to my knees

              handcuffs released

              my mind feels free

              The sun is blazing

              I feel amazing

              As I let the sand fall through my fingers the thought of COVID still lingers

              like the memories of all our lost ones' unfinished stories

              but we live on in their hope and glory and respect each day

              as a present

              as our love for them will never pass

              The sun sets, stripes of orangey-red

              my hearts desires have been fed, my mind is at peace

              and body is filled with ease

              I lay back on the sunbed and I embrace the tranquility

Misery Loves Company

00:00 / 00:42

              I am watching TV as the TV watches me

              I see movement but I hear no sound

              In my own head space, my own maze,

              feeling really lost and I really want to be found

              The comfort of misery keeps misery surrounding me,

              they say misery likes company

              yet I am so very lonely

              I pray for strength and that my ancestors guide me

              my history seems to define me

              the unspoken, the untold

              the truth and the hidden

              the secrets and the unforbidden

              all the things I did

              and didn’t

              get to love and hold

              holding on to the things you love, that you outgrow

              holding onto things that get old

              And it’s true what they say … peace of mind and love

              can never be bought or sold


00:00 / 01:07


              chilled nights

              Left outside frost bites

              Big bears and tiny little mites

              They hide, hibernate, I procrastinate

              Work rates, relationships, money

              How I give, how much I take

              How much I need, how much I make,

              The world, the villages, the cities

              The birds, the bees, the flowers, the trees

              The growth, my growth

              Promises, broken and kept the oath

              I took to love, to cherish

              To death do us part

              I wish we could go back to the start

              It was bright, the sun, there was light

              There was you, there was me

              There was hope, there is hope, room to scope

              A room full of laughter and hope

              Where there is hope there is love

              And where there is love there is hope, there is truth

              There is you, there is me, the sun, the light

              Piercing through our troubling nights, our mazed minds

              The wind it sings we listen

              Our tears they glisten, our hearts are a miss

              Our love it is missing

              We yearn for yesterday

              Sealed with a kiss, smothered with loss

              The predator's caught its prey

Publishing credits

Travelling in Mind: exclusive first publication by iamb

Misery Loves Company: Harpy Hybrid Review 

Hope: Love, Joy, Tears, Beers and Poetry (Alien Buddha Press)


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