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Warrick Wynne



the poet

Warrick Wynne is an Australian poet with three published books and a number of poems published in Australian and international magazines and journals. His most recent collection is The State of the Rivers and Streams. Warrick lives and writes on the Mornington Peninsula south of Melbourne.

the poems


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Level 3 is 'Hands':

the swathed palm,

the unhinged fist,

the fingers fractured

black or twisted,

suspended in slings

wrapped in gauze.

We all face each other

mute as moons.

This is what happens

when pressure is applied

against the grain,

this is the flaw

in the great architecture

what a piece of work ...

how easy it is to break

this hold we have on things,

we can hardly grasp it.

Spider Crab

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Above the Victorian Fish poster,  

(vivid illustrations of the edible denizens of the deep)

a white spider crab mounted on a wooden board  

pinned to the wall as it was in my childhood.

I mean, this exact crab, legs now blackening with age  

was in a (different) fish and chip shop of my youth,

brought here, no doubt, with the goods and chattels

from some former enterprise, and I recognise it:

one giant claw open wide to snap,

the other retracted shy, evasive

punch and counter-punch.

At Hector's Seafood now, the staff wear light blue tops  

emblazoned with a yellow marlin

rising from a vividly tropical sea.

I wait for my flake below fading ivory claws,  

one outrageously enlarged,

one curled inward gently

like an invitation, 

or an imploring gesture to the past.

At the edge

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We walk to the edge of the bay

drawn, it seems, to this great dish

where you played and swam

and now, stand here, with your own baby

strapped to you.


Could anything be stranger?

the three of us beside the sea,

the submerged beach where you played

a stone wall, the city in the distance

whatever next?

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