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Nichola Deane



the poet

Nichola Deane’s first collection, Cuckoo, followed on from her pamphlets Trieste, a Laureate’s Choice, and My Moriarty, which won the 2012 Flarestack Poetry Pamphlet Prize, and was The Poetry Book Society’s Autumn Pamphlet Choice for 2012. Nichola’s poems have appeared in Poetry London, Archipelago, Magma, Oxford Poetry, The North and elsewhere. Michael Mackmin describes her work as ‘amazing’, while Carol Ann Duffy says Nichola is a poet who is ‘sophisticated and lyrically charged, precise and daring.’ Douglas Dunn goes further, calling Nichola ‘a future English Elizabeth Bishop.’

the poems

‘Hotel de la mer’,
‘Hotel de l’Etoile’

After Joseph Cornell

00:00 / 00:44

                  I have arrived here with my suitcase, full

                  of the sea wind.

                  I am unpacking, laying out on the bed,

                  Black Rock, Port Madoc, Rhos Neigr, Caldey:

                  small hotels of my childhood, rickety

                  static caravans, the last pinks and purples

                  in the west, the tracing of lines

                  and faces and first names

                  in darkening sand.

                  I am looking at all that I made

                  with mere pebble and shell

                  in those fading oases.

                  I am looking at my hopes

                  and can smell salt.


00:00 / 00:34

                  When the buds

                  on the birch


                  I appear

                                 so spooked,




                  souped up

                  with all the may-

                  bees in May,

                  the new

                  plight of the new



                  to haunt us


                  to the sleeping


                  (like that? how so?)

                  with a – wake for a voice,

                  my loopy echo,

                  a bit of

                  locus pocus


January, 2015

00:00 / 00:22

                  The heart will weigh – what

                  after all its watching?

                  Less than a sparrow’s,

                  and then,


                  nothing at all:




Publishing credits

'Hôtel de la Mer', 'Hôtel de L'Étoile': The Rialto (No. 84)

Cuckoo / Anubis: Cuckoo (V. Press)


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