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Bill Sutton



the poet

London-based Cumbrian poet Bill Sutton (he/him) creates visceral, abstract reflections of nature in his work. His poetry has appeared in Anthropocene and new zine Overgrowth. In 2015, Bill and his brother formed music project Slabtoe, which has released several albums and EPs. Bill's recently lent his poetry/song-writing abilities to the BFI-funded short film The Leerie, and his debut screenplay Corpse Road will be produced later in 2022.

the poems


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                        to see stars,

                        the hulk of barn,

                        the rise behind and silent.

                        to see rain,

                        smoke wrapped,

                        the valleys slope and dreaming.

                        to all orbits,

                        a ripple,

                        and the quiet fields sleeping.

Lend The River Rain

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                        The lights on the hillside are

                        a constellation, scattered.

                        A half-remembered conversation;

                        a friend lost, a family gathered

                        under a winter sky, whose

                        clouds are torn and tattered.

                        'It’s just a shadow cast from a different

                        day, but none of that now matters … '

                        I lend the river rain.

                        It lends it back again.

Black Barn Rise

00:00 / 00:23

                        shadows in the mist,

                        an echo where a wood once was.

                        moon cold mist,

                        settled on the river's twist.


                        and behind, black barn rise,


                        where an echo of a wood once was.

Publishing credits

Helton / Lend The River Rain: exclusive first

  publication by iamb

Black Barn Rise: Overgrowth (Issue No. 1)


S h a r e

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