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Matthew M C Smith

the poet

Matthew M C Smith, a Welsh poet from Swansea, is editor and founder of Black Bough Poetry. His poems have been in Anti-Heroin Chic, Barren Magazine, Icefloe Press, Wellington Street Review, Other Terrain and Fly on the Wall Press. Matthew is writing his second collection after his debut, Origin: 21 Poems.

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the poems

Cool Oblivion

'... llithro i’r llonyddwch mawr yn ôl.'

from T H Parry Williams' Dychwelyd
00:00 / 01:23

Choose life;
extract yourself from systems,
circuits, voices, spies in ether.

Crawl as servant, slave
from your masters,
take freedom in roadless deserts.

Leave gasfields burning.

Echoes in canyons, drift of caverns,
find your channel in rock,
seeking nothing, nothing at all.

Close your mind in cool oblivion,
hide inside your silent shadow,
where blood slows to deep time’s pulse.

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Dying King

00:00 / 01:51

I am with you. I am always with you.

You pulse with a click of the drive.
The dying king.

I press your paper-thin
shroud of skin, as thumbs curl

over balsa bones, ridges royal.
My eyes probe famine’s faultlines,

scan this lucent husk,
your twilight mask.

Under your arm,
now thin, translucent, I once slept,
sheltered from terrors in the night.
Now, I keep watch.

How did it come to this?

Morphine dulls your silent ward. It keeps you
from fires in the fields,

from the sibilant hiss of the underworld,
the gaping maw of night.

We are skin, my dark
follows your dark.



Above tides, I feel winds of unconquerable spirit.
I stand at the edge, choking with loss.

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00:00 / 00:50

from static
                         we make our slow Rosetta
linger lone
                         in void of dark

no one
                         can hear us
in these rooms
                         of silence

this is our language
                         of stars
fingers of intricate play
                         & movement

there are lights
                         faint and far
as moths we are drawn
                         & dance

Publishing credits

Cool Oblivion / Cosmology: IceFloe Press

Dying King: Anti-Heroin Chic

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