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K Weber

the poet

K Weber lives and writes in the midwestern United States. Her writing has been included in issues of Memoir Mixtapes, Detritus Online, Black Bough Poetry, Writer’s Digest, Moonchild Magazine, Theta Wave and others. Her most recent project, THIS ASSEMBLY, features poems written using words 'donated' by more than 165 people.

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the poems

In lieu of flowers

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These Indiana corn fields never apologize

when their soil is turned or the crops burn.

Whole trees remove their leaves. Some


roots snap. Sturdiest trunks don’t know

how many annual rings they have. Their

birthdays are belated at best. There’s


no haggling over who’s most forgetful

or forgotten. I say “sorry” when someone

runs over my foot with a shopping cart. I say


“sorry” when the bruise of verbal

abuse hits my ear; excuse myself for being

alive, with deepest sympathies.

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Another holiday passes

in pay-it-fast-forward


but in guilty rear-view

was a million colors


and textures long.


So much glass and scuffed,

new shoes. Decorations

hung themselves when

we walked by, unnoticed.


Jesus wept. Those little


glowing lights: electric

bill a giant who’s wielding


unnecessary stress. Left-

overs became counterfeit


nutrition through January.


We did or did not loosen

belts when it came to doubt.

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Commune and commute

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No one put the salt

outside your apartment

building. I slipped

in the parking lot

while watching the frost-

bit moon have another



No one put the salt

down inside your apartment.

I slipped into your bed-

room, thawed my bruised hip

in neutral sheets. I didn’t

leave until the last

cigarette after breakfast.


I passed the salt

trucks as I slid an hour; my

grip was not slippery

but each knuckle was sick

as a ghost’s stomach.

I started smoking the last

of my cigarettes


for the next three years.

Publishing credits

All poems: exclusive first publication by iamb

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