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audition for iamb





  • Record yourself reading just ONE original poem by you​ (in English). Save it as MP3, M4A or WAV.

  • Your poem doesn't have to be one you'd like to appear in iamb –​ this is just to get a feel for your poetry and how you read it.

  • Do not choose an 'edgy' poem that has offensive or hateful language or imagery, as this will be rejected immediately.

  • Start by submitting your details in Step 1. Then upload and submit your recording AND your poem's text in Step 2 – Word, TXT, RTF or GDocs files only please.

  • The filenames of your recording AND text file MUST include your full name plus the poem's title.

  • Check for a confirmation message after each step. If you see an error, please try again.

  • If you don't get an invite to iamb by Nov 18th 2022, please feel free to audition next time.

  • If you accept a place in iamb, it could be up to 2 years before you page is online. Your invite email will explain everything.

  • If you accept one of 24 places on the reserves list, please note that you could be asked to submit work at short notice.

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who can audition for iamb?

Generally speaking, iamb is open to anyone and everyone. But unless this is your very first audition, start by reading this section to see if you're eligible.


auditioned for iamb previously?

If you auditioned in February 2021 and accepted a place on the reserves list, you're already being considered for a place in a wave in 2023. You DON'T need to audition again.

appeared in iamb already?

Though iamb is a journal, it's also a directory of poets, their work and their voices. To give as many poets as possible a chance to be part of iamb, each poet can appear only once.

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how to audition

Step 1

Send your details

Your details have been sent

Step 2

Send your poem

Your recording
Your poem's text

Your poem has been sent

** Please submit both audio and text **

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