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Angela Dye

the poet

Angela Dye is a writer, editor, podcaster, teacher, reviewer, interviewer and radio broadcaster. She runs many literary events and projects in Kent, England, and has worked for various magazines and businesses creating audio content. Angela's work has appeared in several print and digital magazines. She's currently writing a novel, as well as her second poetry book.

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the poems

The Ruby and the Con

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Oh you patriarchs who regulate the calyx vase,
who decree the mix of wine, milk and honey,
who place me on the shelf to admire, to tame, to spill.
Know this: I possess myself.
I hug my curves tight, I vibrate myself within my jar.
I unsteady the shelf. I smash the walls. 
My mother’s chambers no longer constrain me.
I escape as viscous perfume, filling
all the cracks. I, woman, am so wonderful and vast, I will 
fill boots, books, beds, babies, benches and brains.
We shall run the Rubicon.
We shall fill the Earth.
And that shall not constrain us.

The calyx is the female reproductive part of a flower. A calyx vase holds the mythical wine, honey and milk – different combinations of which denote women's purity and immortality.

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00:00 / 01:33

Before the baby sun
had been hurled hot
into an unmade bed
of sky, before earth 
was made,
compliant and lush,
we were dreaming 
the world,
cooking up ideas,
where nothing matters –
he coerced me.
Just once.
Asked for soup.
Just soup.


Yes! I want it without humans in!
Just a refreshing bowl
of soup for the soul.
Little things matter.
Soup matters.
Matter's in the soup:
illusion and dreams,
hopes and art,
his dark materials 
to stir the soul.
Season with love. So much love.
Love to be made.
There are many ways

to kill a man.
One could 
with charm,
piss take,




tar and feather,
strap with leather,
But remember this …
the easiest way,
by far the surest method
to kill a good man,
once and for all,
is to slowly,
ever so slowly,
keep ... him …

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The Borderline

00:00 / 02:11

We live in another world now,
where forgiveness
is no longer a magic spell, 
where potions 
are stolen, cannot be wolfed down,
and Lupin cries to the moon.
He wants to be good 
but he has this suit ...

They say six foot
is the best depth.
This is so the stench doesn’t arise 
and the body is not taken 
so easy – for cannibalism,
or even necrophilia.

But five inches in,
and we have hit hard strata. 
At first we thought we knew 
what we were looking at –
two bodies at most, possibly,
lying atop, a third.
But after a while 
we needed the experts, 
the archaeologists, 
the social diarists 
and the film crews.

The first cut was the hardest:
that slice through 
still warm sinew
and the gleam of bone.
And now ...
I cannot go any further
than this. 
The spade has hit 
the denying rock that yields
no more.

Please say no more.

I would have met you half way
– I even wanted to hide
the murderer in the cupboard,
feed him warm milk from these old breasts.
I thought that knowing
we were monsters
would keep us safe,
our brushes with death 
keeping us alive.

You didn’t tell us where
the bodies lay.
Keen senses of smell
led us, dogs baying,
that spotting 
of the perfect lawn perturbed,
the fountain in the patio 
off kilter 
and the water killing 
the birds,
the keepsakes shining
in a window display.

But she is a forensic expert 
– she will find them all.
Although destroyed
and with their souls sucked out,
we have set them free
roaming in a street 
near you.

There can be no forgiveness now.
It isn’t even needed.
A monster can’t help but devour,
doing what it is made to do.

All one can do is run and hide.

Publishing credits

The Ruby and the Con / The Borderline: exclusive first

  publication by iamb

Soup: The Echo Chamber (Whisky and Beards)

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