audition for iamb from

Feb 1st 2021


what follows is for information

only until auditions open

auditioning for iamb





Record yourself reading just ONE original poem by you​ (in English) and save it as MP3, M4A or WAV.

Your poem doesn't have to be one you'd like to appear on iamb –​ this is just to get a feel for your poetry and how you read it.

Don't choose an 'edgy' poem with offensive language or imagery, as it will be rejected without discussion.

Send your details in Step 1,

then upload ​and send your recording

AND your poem's text in Step 2

(Word, TXT, RTF or G Docs only).

The filenames of your recording and your text file MUST include your full name and your poem's title.

Look out for an email confirming

your submission's receipt – it'll have details of what happens next.

Wait 21 days – if you haven't had an email invitation to iamb by then,

you've been declined.

Please wait 6 months before auditioning again (you could be invited at a later date).

If you are invited, you'll find out which wave of iamb you'll appear in, or be offered a place on the reserves list for a future wave.

NOTE: Submission Steps 1 and 2 will be

available on this page from Feb 1st 2021.


Thank you for your interest

(and your patience).