audition for iamb

Auditions reopen for ONE week:
September 23rd to 30th 2022





  • Record yourself reading just ONE original poem by you​ (in English) and save it as MP3, M4A or WAV.

  • Your poem doesn't have to be one you'd like to appear on iamb –​ this is just to get a feel for your poetry and how you read it.

  • Don't choose an 'edgy' poem with offensive language or imagery, as this will be rejected immediately.

  • Send your details in Step 1, then upload ​and send your recording AND your poem's text in Step 2 (Word, TXT, RTF or G Docs only).

  • The filenames of your recording AND your text file MUST include your full name plus the poem's title.

  • Check to see there's a confirmation message after each step – if you get an error, please try again.

  • Wait till XXXXX –​ if you haven't had an email invitation to iamb by then, you've been declined on this occasion.

  • Please wait X months before auditioning again (you could be invited at a later date).

  • If you are invited, you'll either be part of wave X of iamb, or offered a place in a future wave.