about iamb

The sincerest form of flattery, it's said, is imitation. Let's hope then that those behind The Poetry Archive – this project's inspiration – are flattered, sincerely, by what we’re building here: a chance for more poetic voices to be heard ... literally.

'iamb' is part archive, part quarterly journal.

A place where established and establishing poets can showcase both their writing and their readings of their own poems. New poets will be added each season – first by private invitation, then later through public submission.

how you can support this project

The simplest way is to read the poems and share your favourite poets' pages on social media. If you're a poet yourself, you'll be able to submit work for consideration later in 2020.

Access to 'iamb' will always be free – and ad free.

Sadly, this site's not free to run. So if, after exploring a

while, you feel it's something that deserves to thrive ...

well, you know what to do.

Thank you for coming, for reading, perhaps donating.

Above all, thank you for listening.

© original authors 2020

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