about iamb

They say the sincerest form of flattery is imitation. Let's hope, then, that those behind The Poetry Archive – this project's inspiration – are flattered, sincerely, by what we’re building here: a place for more poetic voices to be heard ... literally.

Part library of poets, part quarterly journal, 'iamb' is where

established and emerging talents are showcased side by side. Not just their words, but their readings of them. Expect 45 new poems, every three months, free to your device of choice.

how you can support this project

The simplest way is to share your favourite poets' pages on social media. You can also donate whatever you can afford to help keep this project online, keep it ad free, and keep it freely available to all.


Thank you for coming, for reading, perhaps donating.

Above all, thank you for listening.

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